Spring is here and summer is around the corner. Most of us didn’t have much time to care for our boat during the winter months, although we had some nice weather in the Bay Area, the constant chance and thought “it might rain next week” kept most of us off the water. Most boat builders are using gelcoat as the exterior finish coat for their boats. It’s important to keep up on your exterior boat maintenance and not just leave the surface to get oxidized. This is definitely NOT like your car’s paint.

Gelcoat is an inherently delicate finish that requires constant rigorous maintenance in order to keep the Manufacturer’s quality. Even the best applied Gelcoat will deteriorate quickly overtime if not properly maintained by the Owner, his Captain, or Crew. In an effort to keep up with regular maintenance, Seashine can provide you with a regular polish & wax care and exterior boat maintenance that will extend the life of your boat exterior, will make it easier to clean in the future and will definitely turn heads in the marina or on the water!

Schedule your next exterior boat maintenance and other professional cleaning services with Seashine. We always promise to arrive on time to our scheduled appointments. Please send us a service request or ask a question directly at www.seashine.net/contact-us.