While there many ways to enjoy the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, there is truly nothing like being on the water. The Bay area summer boating season is getting in full gear. Whether you are just getting into boating and looking to learn a bit more, are a beginner and enjoy calm cruising or the experienced sailor who enjoys tackling the big winds near the Golden Gate Bridge and near Angel Island, we want this blog to be entertaining for you. And of course Seashine is always here to help in your Bay Area yacht management and maintenance needs along the way!

This month we have some new tips to keep your boat healthy and ready to enjoy, a new featured San Francisco Bay Area boat event we think will be fun, and a quick day trip to enjoy your time on the water. As always, please send us your pictures, videos and fun stories so we can feature you in our blog! Happy boating..

Maintenance tip of the month:
Keeping your boat clean and maintained by a professional company, not only takes the headache and troubles of boat ownership, but also ensures peace of mind and safety while on the water. Your boat can enjoy the Bay Area and beyond for years to come, as long it is cared for!

When researching a Bay Area Yacht management and boat cleaning and maintenance company, make sure you do your homework. 3 Simple questions to ask:
How long have they been in business, and specific service specialties and areas?
Do they carry insurance? Bonded? (Accidents can happen)
Do you have references? (Are they a real company, or a 1 person part time show)

June Featured Event: 8th Annual Great San Francisco Schooner Race June 13th
The 8th annual San Francisco Schooner Race is taking place on the San Francisco Bay on June 13th. The race will feature some of California’s and the Bay Area’s wooden and fiberglass classics, as they race across the bay. You can see these beautiful vessels before the race at the San Francisco Yacht Club SFYC guest docks on June 12th, 13th, and 14th before the race. Don’t miss this unique annual celebration, it is a fun one!

There is a celebration after the race completes with a band and BBQ! Come join the fun and catch these classics in action! It should be a fun day on the Bay. For more information on the race visit there website at http://www.sfyc.org/default.aspx?p=v35EvtView&type=0&ID=3859601.
(Click Here for a complete June Calendar provided by Latitude 38.)

Adventure of the Month:
Fun Morning Trip:(4-6 hour sail trip) Leaving Emeryville Marina, pop your sails and head South under the new Bay Bridge. It’s really cool to see the live transformation of the new bridge and the tearing down of the original. You can’t help your hairs standing up a little as you pass under the massive steel beams. Head into the channel just past the bridge and enjoy the massive cranes at the Port of Oakland. Head into the Jack London Square and anchor at one of the marina’s guest docks, or anchor out and head in by dinghy to enjoy great food and drinks at Quinn Lighthouse, Kincaid’s or many others on or close to the water. Sundays they have a great farmers market with amazing fruits and veggies! Depending on winds and your leisure, round trip could take 4-6 hours. Cheers!