Spring is here and we’re only weeks away from summer! The weather around the San Francisco Bay is heating up for a great boating season. As we look onto the Bay and see more and more sails on the water, the weekend Bay Area boat events and shows are popping up in San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda and across the Bay Area. Whether you are just getting into boating and looking to learn a bit more, are a beginner and enjoy calm cruising or an experienced sailor who enjoys tackling the big winds near the Golden Gate Bridge and Angel Island, we want this blog to be entertaining for you. And of course Seashine is always here to help in your boat cleaning and yacht maintenance needs along the way!

This blog series will feature monthly Bay Area boating events, Bay Area boat cleaning and maintenance tips and tricks, and snippets of fun things to explore while boating in the SF Bay. Please send us your pictures, stories, and what you would like us to feature in our new website and blog. Happy boating!

Maintenance tip of the month:
A quick and simple 5 step checklist (with a bit of humor for good measure) to help keep your boat ready for your next adventure. These steps are very basic, but could be the difference between having a healthy boat or getting a dreadful call from the harbormaster that a problem has happened:

Make sure the dock lines are secure (Boats do float and can float away on you!)
Make sure your bilge pump is working (While boats want to float, they can sink!)
Make sure all food and beverages are cleaned and removed (Marinas have animals and mold likes moisture!)
Quick bilge check for increased water levels (Things happen! Don’t miss the signs!)
Make sure all electronics and systems are turned off (Fires can happen on water!!)

May Featured Event: US Sailing Match Racing Qualifier
The venue will be held from May 22nd – May 25th on the San Francisco Bay City front, adjacent to the St Francis Yacht Club. For more information on the race visit https://www.stfyc.com/, and download the race documents. It will be a fun Memorial Day weekend for the boating community on the San Francisco Bay.

Adventure of the Month:
Fun Day Trip:(4-6 hour sail trip) Leaving Emeryville Marina, head West toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Depending on the wind, if light, head right towards Alcatraz, and then head North towards Sausalito and Racoon Strait. If the winds are heavy or you’re looking for a longer ride, head South and head under the Bay Bridge and go around Treasure Island on the West side and along the Embarcadero. Head toward Angel Island. If you need a pit stop at this point, you can dock along the Embarcadero or head over to Sausalito and make a free docking at the public marina, and grab some lunch at Bocci Bar, or one of the many restaurants along the shoreline. If you pack a lunch you can dock near Angel Island and hike around on the island for the day. The trip could take anywhere between 4-6 hours depending on wind and your leisure.

Send us your pictures of your recent Bay Area Boat trip, and let us know what you would like us to feature. And of course we are always here to help keep your boat clean and maintained, and are happy to have your boat ready when you and the weather are ready for your next adventure!